Request by the Isamu Noguchi Foundation of Japan
Noguchi always had been a vision that established museum where he meditated and worked to open as a study archive for artists and laymen. When he investigates local quarries to Japan for rock to be used in the garden for UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, he noticed Kagawa-prefecture In 1956. Mure situated between historic Yashima and Mount Gokenzan. He set up a residence and studio there in 1970. Isamu directed in his will that his executers established a similar foundation and museum in Japan.
He was born in Japanese and American. Large experience and extraordinary environment broadened his perspective. And he recognized the aesthetics of Western and Asian art.
We hope you will join us with your generous support to help us create a museum of educational and great significance.

The Isamu Noguchi Foundation of Japan

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・Ordinary membership
Membership fee: 10000 yen

1. Request for admission is available by telephone or FAX.
2. Make 10% discount museum goods (postcards, publications, Akari and so on.)
3. Admission free to The Isamu Noguchi Garden Museum N.Y.
4. Get information about special program.

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The Isamu Noguchi Foundation of Japan
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・Special Membership
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Isamu Noguchi Foundation of Japan

Address 3519 Mure, Mure-cho, Takamatsu-shi, Kagawa-Ken, 761-0121 Japan
Phone +81 87 870 1500
Facsimile +81 87 845 0505

Mission Preservation of Noguchi's museum and studio in Mure.
Education of and dissemination to the general public knowledge of Noguchi's artistic legacy.

Activities a. Preservation of the studio environment.
b. Management of the Museum.
c. Collecting and preserving archival material.
d. Scholarly research on Noguchi.
e. Hosting conferences and lectures.
f. Other related activities.

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